Ashlings Warhammer Leveling Guide

Guide: Ashling’s Warhammer Leveling Guide
Price: $29,99


  • Easy to follow
  • All areas covered for both Order and Destruction
  • Free crafting and RvR guide
  • Maps, screenshots and coordinates included
  • Free updates


  • Order and Destruction guide sell separately for $29,99 each and $44,99 for both

My review:

Ashlings guide is alongside with Goblins the best leveling guide you can get. Quest paths, maps, screenshots and coordinates are just amazing and will get you to rank 40 before you know it. All quests are covered in amazing details and you’ll never get lost. There’s absolutely zero grinding involved if you follow the optimized powerleveling path.

The bonus crafting guide is surely welcomed and contains various secrets, tips and tricks of the trade(skills), and the RvR guide contains every Warcamp quest and more. There’s also another guide included which lists the best builds for all careers.

The guide is constantly updated with new features, and like all guides includes lifetime free downloads.

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